This course is about advanced algorithms (graph algorithms) focusing on graph traversal, shortest path problems, spanning trees and maximum flow problems . Learn about Hamiltonian cycles and Eulerian cycles . Use this course to learn about the applications of data structures and its applications from Google Web Crawler to taking advantage of stock market arbitrage situations. Learn about maximum flow (max flow min cut theorem) and how to use maximum flow to take advantage of the arbitrage situation in the stock market. Use the Java language to help students understand complex data structures such as graphs and graph theory. Use the weekly weekly weekly Newsquiz to test your knowledge of the latest developments in the

What you’ll find out in Advanced Algorithms (Graph Algorithms) in Java

  1. Learn about the applications of information structures
  2. Find out about the basic essentials of graphs and also graph concept
  3. Implement progressed algorithms (chart algorithms) efficiently
  4. Learn chart passing through such as breadth-first search and depth-first search
  5. Discover topological buying as well as cycle detection
  6. Discover shortest path formulas (Dijkstra’s and Bellman-Ford formulas)
  7. Discover spanning trees
  8. Learn about highly connected parts
  9. Learn more about Hamiltonian cycles and Eulerian cycles
  10. Discover optimum flow (max flow minutes cut theory)


This course has to do with sophisticated algorithms (chart algorithms) focusing on graph traversal, fastest course problems, covering trees and also maximum flow issues and also a lots of its applications from Google Internet Crawler to benefiting from stock exchange arbitrage circumstances.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is meant for everyone from scientists to software developers who want to get closer to algorithmic thinking in the main
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