this course has been taught using real world data from Formula1 motor racingYou will acquire professional level data engineering skills in Azure Databricks, Delta Lake, Spark Core, Azure Data Lake Gen2 and Azure Data Factory (ADF) you will learn how to create notebooks, dashboards, cluster pools and jobs using PySpark . you will also learn about lakehouse architecture and how to implement a solution for Lakehouse architecture using Delta Lake . if you’re a data engineer, you’ll be able to build . course .. ‘real world data f1 drivers .

What you’ll discover in Azure Databricks & Spark Core For Data Engineers( Python/SQL)

    You will certainly discover exactly how to build a real life data project utilizing Azure Databricks and also Spark Core. This training course has actually been taught making use of real life data from Formula1 motor racingYou will acquire specialist level information engineering abilities in Azure Databricks, Delta Lake, Glow Core, Azure Information Lake Gen2 and Azure Data Manufacturing Facility (ADF) You will certainly learn how to develop note pads, control panels, collections, collection pools and also jobs in Azure DatabricksYou will certainly learn just how to consume as well as change information utilizing PySpark in Azure DatabricksYou will find out exactly how to transform and evaluate information utilizing Glow SQL in Azure DatabricksYou will discover Information Lake architecture and also Lakehouse architecture. Additionally, you will find out exactly how to carry out a service for Lakehouse architecture using Delta Lake.You will discover exactly how to develop Azure Data Manufacturing facility pipelines to execute Databricks notebooksYou will certainly find out just how to create Azure Information Factory triggers to schedule pipelines as well as screen them.You will certainly obtain the abilities called for around Azure Databricks and Information Manufacturing facility to pass the Azure Data Engineer Associate accreditation exam DP203, yet the primary goal of the training course is not to instruct you to pass the exams.You will discover exactly how to link to Azure Databricks from PowerBI to develop reports


  • All the code and detailed guidelines are given, yet the skills below will significantly benefit your trip
  • Fundamental Python programs experience will certainly be called for
  • Basic SQL understanding will be called for
  • Knowledge of cloud basics will be valuable, yet not needed
  • Azure subscription will certainly be called for, If you don’t have one we will certainly produce a totally free account in the program



I am eagerly anticipating aiding you with learning one of the in-demand information engineering devices in the cloud, Azure Databricks! This course has actually been instructed with applying a data design service using Azure Databricks as well as Flicker core for a real life task of analysing and reporting on Formula1 motor auto racing information.

This resembles no other training course in Udemy for Azure Databricks. When you have actually completed the course including all the projects, I highly think that you will certainly remain in a setting to begin a real life information design job on your own as well as likewise skillful on Azure Databricks. I have likewise included lessons on Azure Information Lake Storage Gen2, Azure Information Manufacturing facility in addition to PowerBI. The key emphasis of the training course is Azure Databricks and Spark core, but it additionally covers the pertinent principles and connectivity to the various other technologies discussed. Please note that the program does not cover other aspects of Flicker such as Spark streaming and also Spark ML. Likewise the course has been shown making use of PySpark in addition to Glow SQL; It does not cover Scala or Java.

The course complies with a rational progression of a real world task application with technical principles being described as well as the Databricks note pads being constructed at the exact same time. Despite the fact that this course is not specifically created to show you the skills needed for passing the Azure Data Designer Partner Certification Test DP203, it can significantly help you obtain a lot of the necessary abilities required for the test.

I value your time as much as I do mine. So, I have created this training course to be hectic and to the point. Also, the program has actually been instructed with basic English as well as no lingos. I begin the training course from basics as well as by the end of the program you will certainly excel in the modern technologies made use of.

Presently the program teaches you the following

Azure Databricks

  • Constructing a solution architecture for a data design solution making use of Azure Databricks, Azure Data Lake Gen2, Azure Data Manufacturing Facility and Power BI

  • Developing as well as making use of Azure Databricks service as well as the design of Databricks within Azure

  • Dealing with Databricks notebooks in addition to using Databricks utilities, magic commands etc

  • Passing specifications in between notebooks as well as creating note pad operations

  • Producing, configuring and also monitoring Databricks clusters, cluster swimming pools and work

  • Placing Azure Storage space in Databricks making use of tricks stored in Azure Secret Vault

  • Working with Databricks Tables, Databricks Data System (DBFS) and so on

  • Utilizing Delta Lake to execute a service utilizing Lakehouse design

  • Creating control panels to think of the results

  • Connecting to the Azure Databricks tables from PowerBI

Spark (Just PySpark and also SQL).

  • Trigger architecture, Information Resources API and also Dataframe API.

  • PySpark – Consumption of CSV, straightforward and also complex JSON documents into the information lake as parquet data/ tables.

  • PySpark – Changes such as Filter, Join, Straightforward Gatherings, GroupBy, Window features etc.

  • PySpark – Producing regional as well as temporary views.

  • Trigger SQL – Creating data sources, tables and also views.

  • Trigger SQL – Makeovers such as Filter, Join, Simple Gatherings, GroupBy, Window features and so on.

  • Trigger SQL – Creating local as well as temporary sights.

  • Implementing complete refresh as well as incremental load patterns making use of dividers.

Delta Lake.

  • Introduction of Data Lakehouse architecture and the role of delta lake.

  • Read, Write, Update, Delete and also Merge to delta lake utilizing both PySpark in addition to SQL.

  • Background, Time Traveling and also Vacuum.

  • Transforming Parquet data to Delta documents.

  • Executing incremental lots pattern utilizing delta lake.

Azure Data Factory.

  • Producing pipes to implement Databricks notebooks.

  • Creating durable pipelines to take care of unexpected situations such as missing out on files.

  • Developing dependencies between tasks in addition to pipelines.

  • Arranging the pipelines making use of data factory causes to execute at regular intervals.

  • Display the triggers/ pipes to check for errors/ outputs.

Who this course is for:

  • University students looking for a career in Data Engineering
  • IT developers working on other disciplines trying to move to Data Engineering
  • Data Engineers/ Data Warehouse Developers currently working on on-premises technologies, or other cloud platforms such as AWS or GCP who want to learn Azure Data Technologies
  • Data Architects looking to gain an understanding about Azure Data Engineering stack
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