Become a Pro Handwriting Analyst: Graphology for all scripts . Students will be able to analyse a handwriting sample in any script and tell personality traits of a person from the handwriting . This course is a beginner course covering all aspects of Gestalt Method Handwriting Analysis . The course is designed by Paresh Chitnis who is a certified Graphologist and Handwriting Expert practicing now for more than 11 years professionally . This is a complete course in itself. You do not need any more information other than what is shared in this course . Partial recordings are done by Neha Rathod, a Psychologist & Graphologist at CPAG. Partial recordings

What you’ll find out in End up being a Pro Handwriting Expert: Graphology for all scripts

  1. Trainees will have the ability to analyse a handwriting example in any script and also inform personality traits of a person from the handwriting.


Eventually I was checking out an event. At one booth a crowd had actually gathered. In the center there was a guy standing like a well-known celeb. People were looking upto him as if he was giving them gold coins. I got interested and also I stood in the group waiting on my turn.

His precision was mind blowing.
This is what you can accomplish through this course. End up being a licensed handwriting analyst orgasm celebrity where individuals are eager to offer you their sign! Haha.
Handwriting discloses character. This program is suitable for you if you want to find out exactly how to know an individual’s character from handwriting. You might learn this as a pastime or for specialist application. This course benefits novices.

This is a full program by itself. You do not require anymore details other than what is cooperated this course of Gestalt Technique of Handwriting Analysis.
Paresh has actually been carrying out classroom training programs on handwriting analysis and this online training course is developed to give you the exact same learning experience. This program is a novice course covering all facets of Gestalt Method Handwriting Evaluation. The course is made by Paresh Chitnis that is a licensed Graphologist and Handwriting Specialist exercising now for greater than 11 years expertly. Partial recordings are done by Neha Rathod who is a Psycho therapist & & Graphologist at CPAG.

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Who this course is for:

  • Psychologists, counselors, Homeopaths, trainers, teachers, coaches and those who wish to learn handwriting analysis professionally.
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