Boundary Builder: Transform Codependence & People-Pleasing . Transform fear-based codependency patterns into empowered and interdependent habits of secure-relating . The evolution from codependence to interdependence and empowered relating is exciting and challenging because it requires a new level of self-awareness and responsibility . It’s a maturation process we undergo as we graduate from the energy of conflict, drama and victimhood to respect, equality and compassion . This course is particularly useful for couples or those who wish show up differently in their next relationship . May this course be one of many stepping stones on your Soul’s journey and the collective evolution of our consciousness .

What you’ll find out in Border Builder: Change Codependence & & People-Pleasing

  1. Pick on your own (do what’s best for you) without feeling guilty
  2. Accept as well as reparent all parts of yourself.
  3. Communicate limits with clarity and self-confidence.
  4. Change fear-based codependent patterns right into empowered and also interdependent practices of secure-relating.
  5. End up being the type of sovereign Being that normally asserts healthy limits (you don’t simply require tools, you require to become a beginner)


This program is particularly beneficial for pairs or those who desire program up in a different way in their following connection.

The advancement from codependence to connection as well as encouraged connecting is interesting as well as tough because it needs a new level of self-awareness and also responsibility. It requires us to compare genuine love and also accessory. It’s a growth process we undertake as we graduate from the power of conflict, drama and victimhood to respect, equality and also concern.

In this training course you will not just find out devices, you’ll increase your consciousness to come to be the kind of person that naturally connects limits with self-confidence. Instead of running from past injuries and also survival reactions, you’ll learn to open your heart and involve even more vulnerability, compassionately and purposely in every partnership.

Thanks for buying yourself as you accept where you are while at the very same time aiming to be much better. May this training course be just one of numerous stepping stones on your Soul’s journey and the collective advancement of our awareness.

Who this course is for:

  • Are you the type of person who’s hungry for self-awareness? Do you value personal freedom and peace enough to look at the hard stuff? Are you hungry for growth and expansion? Do you want to show up authentically with an open heart in every relationship and take 100% responsibility for your actions without blaming anyone else for your experience? This course is for Beings who wish to resolve their childhood wounds that create codependent patterns in the first place and graduate into the wide open space of interdependence.
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