CFA® Level 1 (2022) – Complete Economics is part of a complete series of 10 courses that fully cover all 10 topics for CFA Level I . The CFA program is rewarding but gruelling. The majority of candidates fail the exam. The PrepNuggets approach is to condense pertinent material from the curriculum to easily digestible nuggets for you to consume during your pockets of free time. We recommend you begin your exam preparation with our Quantitative Methods course . For our full catalog of courses, look for our instructor profile down below and click on the PrepNugget logo . We keep our videos short so as to help you follow the Pareto Principle.

What you’ll find out in CFA ® Degree 1 (2022) – Full Economics

  1. Calculate and interpret elasticities
  2. Figure out and also analyze breakeven and shutdown points of production
  3. Understand the features and prices technique of best competitors, monopolistic competition, oligopoly, as well as pure monopoly
  4. Compute as well as explain GDP using expense as well as earnings techniques
  5. Discuss activities in accumulated need and also supply curves
  6. Comprehend the theories of the business cycle
  7. Explain inflation, hyperinflation, disinflation, as well as deflation
  8. Compare cost-push and also demand-pull rising cost of living
  9. Understand and also explain tools for monetary and fiscal policy
  10. Define duties, objectives as well as preferable high qualities of reserve banks
  11. Contrast GDP vs GNP
  12. Define the equilibrium of repayments accounts including their parts
  13. Calculate and also interpret currency cross-rates
  14. Describe the arbitrage partnership between money spot prices, ahead prices, and rates of interest


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The CFA ® program is rewarding however back-breaking. Most of prospects stop working the test. In order to pass, you are mosting likely to require a lot more than summaries or crash courses. But we can completely empathise if you feel the curriculum is also lengthy as well as well challenging given your hectic routine.

We keep our videos short so as to help you comply with the Pareto Concept. Our team believe that if you place in the optimal 20% effort making use of the right approach, you can possibly attain 80% of the outcomes!
The PrepNuggets method is to condense pertinent product from the curriculum to easily absorbable nuggets for you to take in throughout your pockets of spare time. Each nugget is painstakingly crafted to discuss actually complicated ideas making use of involving pictures and computer animations. Say goodbye to learning pages and pages of words, or sitting through long dull lessons with bullet-point slides.

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training course belongs to a total collection of 10 training courses that totally cover all 10 subjects for CFA ® Degree I. We suggest you start your exam preparation with our Quantitative Methods course. For our complete magazine of courses, try to find our trainer account down below and click the PrepNuggets logo.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for CFA Level 1 Candidates
  • This course is for people who are interested in the CFA Program
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