The course looks primarily at English Literature but also covers American, Irish, Canadian and Australian literature in English . This course will help you if you are thinking of taking or have already started an English Literature degree . You will discover how the English language progressed from Anglo-Saxon to Middle English to Early Modern English to Modern English . Learn in a course which is in depth, taught by a native English speaker based in the UK . ‘It was enjoyable, interesting and definitely widened my knowledge of the world of literature. Loved it,’ says Rached . ‘If you look by the measure how personalized a course feels to a learner, no other course can match it. It does not give feel of an online course, it feels that you are being personally tutored by Eve

What you’ll discover in English Literary works: Be as Educated as a Literature Grad

  1. You will find out about the growth of categories, language and suggestions in English Literary works
  2. You will certainly discover a variety of authors, their lives and exactly how they affected English Literature
  3. You will learn about literary forms
  4. The program looks mostly at English Literary works but additionally covers American, Irish, Canadian and also Australian literary works in English
  5. After the course, you will be able to discuss literary works with the literati.
  6. This training course will certainly help you if you are considering taking or have currently started an English Literature degree
  7. You will have the ability to accomplish specific textual analysis plus recognize messages within their literary as well as historical history
  8. You will certainly recognize various methods to literary objection.
  9. Learn more about the use of literary devices.
  10. You will uncover how the English language proceeded from Anglo-Saxon to Center English to Very Early Modern English to Modern English.
  11. You will certainly be welcomed to the course Zoom book club where you can review your analysis with other students if you choose to do so.
  12. The program consists of understandings into the background of the UK, Ireland as well as USA.
  13. You will certainly find books that you will certainly like.
  14. Find out in a program which is in deepness, shown by an indigenous English speaker based in the UK


‘If you look by the measure exactly how customized a training course really feels to a student, nothing else program can match it. It does not give feel of an on-line course, it feels that you are being personally tutored by Eve. The training course is a quite detailed one as well as leaves you with extreme wish to check out all she has suggested in the videos.’

‘It was pleasurable, interesting as well as definitely expanded my expertise of the world of literature. Enjoyed it.’

Do you wish to discover the highlights of English literary works as well as come to be well educated concerning a few of the world’s finest known writers? Do you want to discover the development of literature, language and also ideas? Perhaps you need to pass a citizenship test or university entryway test. This program will provide you a thorough grounding in English Literature.

If you have actually constantly intended to be a literature enthusiast but really did not know where to begin, this program is for you. Perhaps you are currently experienced about English Literary works but wants to learn a little bit a lot more about its history and also the advancement of language and also concepts. Maybe you are considering taking a college course in English Literary works as well as desire a cup to see if it is for you. You may require a knowledge of English language and literature to pass a citizenship test or get to a college institution. If so, this program is in deepness enough to satisfy your needs.

The reading list is rather comprehensive however you can dip in as well as out of it and also no anticipation of the texts is required.
With a level in English Literature as well as a Master’s in Old English from the appreciated Queen’s University of Belfast in addition to being an author myself, I will be your overview on a literary odyssey which spans 13 centuries and also greater than 47 writers.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants an overview of the devlopment of English Literature
  • You need a knowledge of English language, history and literature for citizenship or other tests
  • You are undertaking or planning to undertake an English Literature degree
  • You love and want a greater knowledge of the English language and its development.
  • You just live reading.
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