‘Everyday Dining Etiquette’ is designed for personal and professional development based on corporate seminars Kimberly Law has been presenting since 1999 . This course is designed to be easily understood by beginners, and offer a great refresher for those who need a refresher . It includes both American and European dining styles, including American and Continental (European) dining styles . How you eat and how you behave while dining can leave a lasting impression of you in the minds of those seated with you at the dining table, and those dining around you . Through studying this course and practicing the skills, the everyday dining experience can be an enjoyable one, says T. Brown .

What you’ll learn in EveryDay Eating Decorum

  1. Know what not to do at the table
  2. Select the right eating tool as well as use it properly
  3. Know the differences between American and Continental (European) eating designs
  4. Show self-confidence as a host, visitor or the important invitee
  5. Check out a place readying to determine what comes next as well as what to anticipate
  6. Spot the distinctions of formal seating for social eating vs. official seats for company dining
  7. Browse the meal – 1 program to 7 training course
  8. How to consume a variety of challenging foods
  9. Recognize top quality table manners
  10. Order white wine
  11. Take the dining etiquette element of the IITTI Degree 1 organization etiquette examination


Have you ever before been unclear concerning which bread plate is your own? Where to place your napkin when leaving the table? What the tools at the top of your place setting are for?
Exactly how you perform yourself at the table can influence others’ perceptions of you, affecting your organization as well as social relationships. Everyday Eating Etiquette educates you dining abilities to assist you show up extra positive as well as feel more at ease when eating delicately or formally, for organization or for enjoyment.

‘Everyday Eating Decorum’ teaches you dining abilities you can utilize each day.
Although the term eating usually describes the act of consuming, we have actually involved use dining as a means to socialise as well as carry out business. Table manners have a lengthy history, and also were established as a way of keeping the peace and domesticating our practices. These routines were bied far from generation to generation, ultimately becoming custom.

Just how you eat as well as just how you behave while dining can leave an enduring perception of you in the minds of those seated with you at the table, and also those eating around you. Through researching this program as well as practicing the abilities, the day-to-day dining experience can be an enjoyable one.

‘Everyday Eating Etiquette’ is developed for personal as well as specialist advancement based upon business seminars Kimberly Legislation has actually existed given that 1999.
This program is created to be easily comprehended by newbies, and also provide a fantastic refresher for those that need one. It includes both American as well as European eating styles.

This course, together with self-study of the corresponding study overview, ‘Formal Eating for Informal Individuals’ as well as additional products will certainly establish individuals on the IITTI track. This course prepares trainees to create the Dining Decorum part of the IITTI Degree 1 Company Rules Certification test via the Institute of Photo Training and Screening International, and also broadens on these standards with added protocol for sophisticated gatherings as well as formal entertaining. IITTI is a worldwide charitable organization, that advocates international organization decorum standardization.

“For a number of years as Executive Director of SFU’s Management of Technology MBA program I involved Kimberly Legislation to provide workshops on Dining Rules, wardrobe planning, and also proper dress for service to every friend of MBA students. I discovered that Kimberly was expert in her behavior as well as positioned in her presentation … Simply put, I am happy to suggest her services to others.” ~ T. Brown

Who this course is for:

  • Men, Women, Teens
  • Job seekers
  • New immigrants to North America or other Western Cultures
  • Anyone wanting a refresher on ‘dining etiquette’
  • Those who want to make a great impression when dining with others
  • Students and graduates entering the workforce
  • Those preparing for the IITTI Level 1 business etiquette exam
  • Those working for multi-national companies
  • Men and women who want to feel more confident as a host or guest
  • Restaurant diners
  • Men and women entering the dating scene
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