How to build a Powerful Memory: Learn information faster and keep it longer . This is a free course which introduces you to some of the foundational concepts of building a better memory . Using these strategies I could recall 500 decimals of pi or the periodic table backwards . Psychologically they are grounded in brain research and science . I have put my faith in them, so I hope you will too, and use them to your advantage . Using my knowledge of psychology, I have given you a good rationale on why these memory strategies work. Psychologically it is grounded in the brain research of the brain and science. I have also learnt Pi to 500 decimal places, and the entire periodic table using these methods.

What you’ll learn in Just how to build a Powerful Memory

  1. Learn the basic foundational principles of building a much better memory


Welcome to Just how to build a Powerful Memory: Learn info faster and also maintain it longer.
This is my totally free program which introduces you to a few of the foundational principles of developing a far better memory.
This course is geared towards individuals that wish to boost their memory, be that for institution, college or university. If you need to study and learn a lot of info, after that it pays to understand a couple of great strategies on exactly how to do that.

This course will certainly assist you find out that sort of info. So far, for the sake of building these training courses to demonstrate exactly how this functions, I have randomly discovered Pi to 500 decimal locations, and the whole table of elements utilizing these methods. Actually, making use of these techniques I might recall 500 decimals of pi or the periodic table in reverse (and also certainly forwards which is a no brainer).

Utilizing my expertise of psychology, I have actually offered you a great reasoning on why these memory approaches function. Psychologically they are based in brain study as well as scientific research. I have actually placed my confidence in them, so I wish you will certainly too, and also use them to your benefit.

Who this course is for:

  • School, university or college students
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