Learn decision making skills using animated parable stories . Learn how to consciously shift from system 1 way of thinking & decision making to system 2 . Identify the situation/problem, gather information, identify alternatives, weigh the evidence, choose the action, get feedback & make the changes . Use the 90 second rule to prevent getting emotionally hijacked . Use our physiology, breathing, to get emotional & cognitive coherence . Use creative visualization to improve decision making ability . At the end of the course your decision making capability will substantially improve. You will be able to take more conscious decisions. You would all agree the outcome of our life is dependent on the many decisions we take.

What you’ll discover in Learn choice making skills utilizing computer animated parable tales.

  1. 1. How to consciously change from system 1 method of thinking & & choice making to system 2 method of assuming & & choice production
  2. 2. How to make use of psychological Versions to boost choice making
  3. 3. How to identify the cognitive predispositions that affect our choice making as well as eliminate it.
  4. 4. Exactly how to make use of the 90 second policy to prevent getting emotionally hijacked
  5. 5. How to use our physiology, breathing, to get psychological & & cognitive comprehensibility. As well as boost thinking & & choice production capacity
  6. 6. Just how to us innovative visualization to enhance choice making ability


The Most typical decision making technique thought to us is:
Determine the situation/problem, collect info, recognize alternatives, weigh the evidence, choose the action, obtain comments & & make the adjustments.
However this does not show us
How our emotions & & sensations affect our decision making.

Exactly how our physiology influences our choice making.
This program will certainly help you recognize the basic process of choice making.
Exactly how we assume, leading to how we feel, resulting in just how our body reacts as well as leading to how we act.
Comprehend the lots of elements which affect our decision making procedure.

The two sorts of assuming and choice making systems all of us utilize.
System one (Rapid, Unconscious, automatic, uncomplicated & & without self-awareness)
and also System 2 (slow, intentional, aware, effortful & & controlled mental procedure)
You will certainly discover lots of ideas & & strategies on just how to consciously move from system one to system two. Like:

The 5 whys technique
Identifying cognitive predisposition
Making use of mental versions
Utilizing physiology &
& Making use of innovative visualization.
At the end of the training course your choice making capacity will significantly enhance.
You will certainly have the ability to take more conscious choices.

You would all agree the outcome of our life depends on the lots of decisions we take. Our choice to pick a particular official education, our career course, company we sign up with for work, person we make a decision to wed, our investments, our threats, our decisions while playing a specific sporting activity …

As I went across with life sometimes I have recalled with a remorse “why did I take that decision?”
I began to check out the science of choice production. The psychology & & the neuroscience. What are the key variables associated with the choice making procedure?

Have we any kind of control over it?
Can we purposely transform the means we assume & & decide and also thereby the outcomes?
The exploration process was exciting.
It was like a sharp cricketer or soccer gamer, joining a coaching camp as well as discovering that there is scientific method to hold the bat and also kick the sphere! It does not need to be test & & mistake.

Who this course is for:

  • This course has been designed for entrepreneurs. Business owners of small scale enterprises. You can improve your decision making and also use the learnings to improve the decision capability of your team.
  • Corporate executives would also immensely benefit. You might be aware of Google’s Project Oxygen. A research to determine what makes a manager great at Google. They identified ten behaviours that are common among their highest performing managers. Most of these behaviors are soft skills and utilized more emotional intelligence than computer or systems training. This course will help you understand the role emotions play in our decision making process. And prevent getting emotionally hijacked.
  • This course will also help corporate trainers, Learning & development managers and Human Resources managers to understand how to use parables. According to Dr. Kenneth Yates, Professor of Clinical Education in the Rossier School of Education at the University of Southern California, “Analogies increase learning by about 35%”. “Use analogies when possible in training but always when we teach novel and complex processes” (The first important behavior listed in Project Oxygen was “The person is a good Coach”.)
  • I would recommend students to do this course to improve their decision making skills. Be it in the field of sports or choosing a career or deciding on a relationship the skills would be of immense help.
  • Lastly I would recommend parents who have kids between 10 to 16 years to do the course and share the learnings with their children.
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