Learn GIT In depth with BitBucket- Practical work flows . Understand GIT Core concepts& Commands in depth . Understand how GIT and Bit bucket works together to create Strong Version control System . Real-time examples from Clone to push with merge conflicts . Understand How to Integrate GIT with Jira to have all Project management at one place . Implement Bitbucket pipelines to check the Code after every GIT Commits and Pull requests . Use the Bit bucket to check code after every commit and pull request . Use Bit bucket pipelines to build pipelines to create Pull requests and pull requests . Learn Tricky GIT commands like, rebase, Squash, Cherry pick, amend and amend .

What you’ll find out in Learn GIT Extensive with BitBucket- Practical work moves

  1. Understand GIT Core ideas& & Commands comprehensive
  2. Understand just how GIT and Little bit bucket interacts to produce Strong Version control System
  3. Deep dive into GIT Advanced process with actual time examples from Clone to press with combine disputes
  4. Discover Complicated GIT commands like, rebase, Squash, Cherry pick, modify, bisect, revert, reset etc
  5. Understand Just How to Integrate GIT Bitbucket with Jira to have all Project monitoring at one place
  6. Implement Bitbucket pipelines to inspect the Code after every GIT Commits and Pull demands


This is the one Single Training course where you will certainly find out everything regarding GIT from essentials to progressed with many intricate workflowsBitbucket is most utilized remote GIT repository in many firms as well as this training course will give you total understanding on building pipes, creating Pull demands and also Jira assimilation.

Every command in GIT has in depth explanation with real time usage to ensure that you know when to utilize what command while managing the code in you GIT repositories.

In this course we’ll find answers to lots of development Work circulation questions like:

“How can I edit/delete my last commit?”

“What is the distinction in between a combine and a rebase?”

“How to squash several devotes to one commit”?

Who this course is for:

  • Software Engineers
  • Any Engineer who writes the code
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