Learn the full gamut of finishing techniques that will disable your attacker from harming you or others . Learn the most dangerous hand-to-hand combat technique ever created in history . Learn how to eliminate your fear of being down on the ground . Learn about the Ranger Choke: Banned in every combat sport including UFC, this is the ultimate shortcut fight move. The Chin Jab: With no defense available, learn THE most dangerous combat technique. The Forward Drive: The methodology and critical importance of driving in and through your attacker. Learn about how and where you hit, but more importantly…when you hit. Learn how and when you hit .

What you’ll find out in Learn Military Close Fight Educating|Captain Chris Pizzo

  1. Method & & Targeting Fundamentals: The biggest distinction in the street/battlefield is not just how and also where you hit, however a lot more significantly … when you strike.
  2. The Onward Drive: The technique as well as essential value of driving in and via your aggressor.
  3. Shoulder Knockout & & Irish Whip: Getaway, avert, or continue the strike till you are out of threat.
  4. Fight Finishers: Survival is kill or get killed. Find out the full gamut of ending up strategies that will certainly disable your assaulter from harming you or others.
  5. The Ranger Choke: Outlawed in every battle sporting activity including UFC, this is the supreme faster way battle step.
  6. The Chin Jab: With no defense readily available, discover THE most unsafe hand-to-hand combat technique ever produced in background.
  7. Dirty Ground Fighting: Discover just how to remove your worry of being down on the sidewalk, and also turn the trend of fight back to your favor.
  8. Fight To Win: Exactly how to utilize Close Battle in real life to definitely dominate any type of possible terrible encounter.
  9. The Assault Bottom Rush: Exactly how do you prevent against a bigger, stronger challenger charging at you, hands flying? It’s a great deal less complex than you could assume.
  10. Defeating Bear Hugs, Head Locks, & & Chokes: Be it in an alley, bar, road rage case, and even just an undesirable breakthrough, learn how to venture out and also stay out.
  11. Surviving Knife Strikes: Being assaulted with a knife is the highest, most common anxiety. This is the ONLY confirmed “no practice needed” protection needed.
  12. “Gangsta” Gun Removal: The secret fact about weapon defenses, as well as just how to snag a firearm out of someone’s hand so much faster than ANYONE can draw a trigger.


The Military Tricks Many Men Will Never Ever Know About Defending Themselves, Their Family, And Also Their Flexibility: If I used to personally show you precisely how to quit fierce assailants DEAD in their tracks … Without requiring to be quickly, solid, or in excellent physical form … Without long, sweat-drenched hours of classes … Without a gun … Also if you have no previous fighting experience what-so-ever … Would certainly you be interested?My name is Captain Chris Pizzo.And even with a life time of martial arts as well as basic training experience, my wife and also I were practically stabbed to fatality when dragged out of our auto as well as assaulted mercilessly by a road gang.Afterwards I spent every dime I had taking a trip the world examining at the feet of martial arts masters, discovering lots of self-defense approaches, and testing thousands of weapons … All looking for the true “solution” to self defense.I ultimately discovered that in World War II, an unfamiliar, was created called “Close Combat Training”. Removing all the event as well as complicated motions of typical fighting styles and also self defense, Close Fight Educating was very first confirmed by British Commandos in the 1920’s to take back the streets of criminally-controlled Shanghai.It was later on used, with an excellent service record, to battle the best risk the globe has ever seen, the fanatically bad Nazi regime.What makes Close Fight Educating so efficient is its concept use of gross-motor (large muscle-group) motions toBut even much better … Recorded documents show that this can all be accomplished by anyone no matter your age, stamina, or existing physical abilities.For the previous twenty years I’ve committed my life to sharing this effective approach with others who believe in our individual right to protect our lives, our freedom, and also our personal effects from all those seeking to take it.Now it’s your resort to allow everybody recognize that YOU are of those actively working to destroy what you understand and also love.See you inside!Fear No Male,

Who this course is for:

  • Does NOT require a lot of time to master—You can learn it, literally, in a couple hours—even if you’re a total fighting “green horn” now.
  • Does NOT require you to be in peak physical condition— Guys with bulging beer bellies and bum knees use Close Combat Training to send younger and more experienced fighters—even advanced martial artists—to the emergency room.
  • Does NOT require you to be uninjured to work— These are “gross motor movement” techniques. Which is why even soldiers with their legs blown off were able to defend themselves against armed enemies closing in on them in trenches and ditches.
  • Does NOT require any practice—once you learn it, it’s “locked in” your mind, your neurology and even your muscle fibers forever. You cannot forget it even if you wanted to. It’s like a weapon strapped to your leg 24/7—365 days per year—ready to be drawn and fired at a moment’s notice at any time, in any place, and under any circumstances.
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