In this Course you will learn about Yokes and how use them to create new ideas and designs, especially when using Stripes . You will learn how to: Turn a Dart into Shirring/Gathers. Using the “Slash-and-Spread” technique to add fullness to a design. The use of seams to separate panels and create a new design. Learning the use of Notches, Grainlines, Labeling. Learning how Notches become essential when instructing your seamstress how you want a garment sewn. Knowing what your driving force is, is fundamental in building a solid foundation for a successful Brand. At the end of the Course, I cover Purpose and Vision .

What you’ll learn in Pattern Creating Fashion Design – COMPONENT 2 (Yokes, Stripes,)

  1. Using Pattern Making as well as Curtaining incorporated as methods to create a Fashion Design.
  2. Introducing and dealing with a Yoke.
  3. You will certainly find out how to: Turn a Dart right into Shirring/Gathers.
  4. You will certainly discover: Utilizing the “Slash-and-Spread” strategy to add fullness to a design.
  5. Using joints to separate panels and also produce a new design.
  6. Discovering using Notches, Grainlines, Labeling.


In this Training course you will learn about Yokes as well as exactly how utilize them to produce originalities and also styles, especially when utilizing Stripes. You will see exactly how red stripes as well as grainlines impact the style element and also thus effecting the design of your layout. You will learn exactly how to create a Yoke using both techniques: Draping and Pattern Making. You will certainly just how to transform a Dart right into Shirring and also hence getting rid of the dart. You will certainly see that by eliminating the darts in the corset, you can develop a “Princess Seam” as well as hence make a brand-new style which can be discovered further by the choice of textile choice. We examine pattern making techniques to alter the shape of your designs.

Producing Yokes to establish new styles is a fun and creative means to attain face-lifts, new ideas, new styles. Experimenting with grainlines also is a method to come up with new ideas. When making use of stripes, layouts get really “intriguing” since the grainlines will certainly generate some extremely unique and also originalities.

Understanding how to customize as well as “change” a pattern by including fullness for example is really essential as well as a result discovering the use of the Slash-and Spread strategy is so vital, providing you the ability to be crating and also cutting-edge.
You will be collaborating with a 1-Dart and a 2-Dart sloper/pattern. Learn how to work with, and manipulate, darts is necessary in Pattern Making. As well as exactly how to eliminate a dart by turning it right into shirring/gathers.

You will discover just how Notches become crucial when advising your seamstress just how you want a garment stitched; interacting effectively with your seamstress/pattern-maker is basic in the execution of a garment. Notches can specify a joint allocation or the can instruct a seamstress/factory just how you want a specific apparel item to be put together, sort of like an instruction manual.

In Addition To Pattern Making comes Components of Layout: incredibly important when analyzing a layout to figure out if a style is “good” or “bad” and just how to judge your goal in the intended design.
In Vogue Style, understanding what your driving pressure is, is basic in developing a solid foundation for an effective Brand name. At the end of the Program, I cover Purpose and Vision– two elements that when integrated ended up being fuel for your creative thinking and also drive and success.

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Who this course is for:

  • Students interested in expanding and growing their knowledge of Fashion Design.
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