Python 3: Deep Dive (Part 3 – Hash Maps)Associative ArraysHash Tables and Hash FunctionsPython’s implementation of hash tablesDictionaries and SetsDefining hash functions for our custom classes . a solid Python foundation is necessaryJupyter Notebooksfunctional programming (zip, map, sorted, any, all, etc)lambdas, closures and decoratorsbuilt-in decorators such as @lru_…) …… … ‘Dipart 3 .

What you’ll find out in Python 3: Deep Dive (Part 3 – Hash Maps)

    Associative ArraysHash Tables as well as Hash FunctionsPython’s execution of hash tablesDictionaries as well as SetsDefining hash features for our custom classes and also why that is usefulCreating personalized thesaurus making use of the UserDict classdefaultdictOrderedDict and also Python3.6+ equivalencesCounter (multi-sets) ChainMapSerialization and DeserializationJSON serialization/deserializationIntro to JSONSchema, Marshmallow, PyYaml and Serpy third event collections


  • This is an advanced training course, so a strong Python foundation is essential
  • Jupyter Notebooks
  • functional shows (zip, map, arranged, any type of, all, and so on)
  • lambdas, closures and decorators
  • built-in decorators such as @lru_cache, @singledispatch as well as @wraps
  • iterables, iterators, generators and also context managers
  • variable ranges and namespaces (globals, residents, etc)
  • ability to mount third event collections (e.g. pip set up)


This course is an in-depth look at Python dictionaries.

Thesaurus are common in Python. Courses are basically dictionaries, modules are thesaurus, namespaces are thesaurus, collections are thesaurus and also a lot more.

In this program we’ll take a comprehensive consider:

  • associative arrays and also how they can be carried out using hash maps

  • hash functions and exactly how we can take advantage of them for our own custom courses

  • Python thesaurus and also collections as well as the different operations we can execute with them

  • specialized thesaurus structures such as OrderedDict and also how it connects to the integrated Python3.6+. dict.

  • Python’s implementation of multi-sets, the. Counter. course.

  • the. ChainMap. class.

  • how to produce personalized thesaurus by inheriting from the. UserDict. course.

  • how to serialize as well as deserialize dictionaries to JSON.

  • using schemas in customized JSON deserialization.

  • a brief introduction to some valuable collections such as. JSONSchema. ,. Marshmallow. ,. PyYaml. and. Serpy.

***** Requirementsites *****.

Please keep in mind that this is a fairly sophisticated Python course, as well as a strong expertise of some topics in Python is needed.

Past the basics of Python (loops, conditional statements, exemption handling, built-in information types, producing courses, etc), you must additionally have an. thorough. understanding of the following subjects:.

  • functions as well as practical shows (recursion,. * args. ,. ** kwargs. ,. zip. ,. map. ,. arranged. ,. any. ,. all. , and so on).

  • lambdas, closures and also decorators (consisting of standard decorators such as. @singledispatch, @wraps. , and so on).

  • iterables, iterators, generators and context supervisors.

  • named tuples.

  • variable scopes and also namespaces (. globals. ,. citizens. , and so on).

For this training course you will additionally need to install some third party libraries, so you require to be comfy with doing this utilizing the device of your choice (e.g. pip. ,. conda. , and so on).

Finally, most of the code in this course is shown making use of the easily available. Jupyter Notebooks. , so you will certainly require that also.

Who this course is for:

  • Python developers who want a deeper understanding of Python dictionaries and related topics
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