What you’ll learn in Python 3: Deep Dive (Part 3 – Hash Maps) The course is an in-depth look at Python dictionaries . Dictionaries are ubiquitous in Python. Classes are essentially dictionaries, modules are dictionaries. Namespaces are namespaces, sets are dictionaryaries and many more . The course also includes an intro to JSONSchema, Marshmallow, PyYaml and Serpy 3rd party libraries . It’s also a look at the implementation of hash tables, serialization and deserialization of the chain maps in Python’s new version of the Python 3.6+ version of Python’s version of version 3 .

What you’ll discover in Python 3: Deep Dive (Part 3 – Hash Maps)

  1. Associative Ranges
  2. Hash Tables and Hash Functions
  3. Python’s application of hash tables
  4. Dictionaries and also Sets
  5. Specifying hash functions for our custom courses as well as why that works
  6. Producing personalized dictionaries making use of the UserDict class
  7. defaultdict
  8. OrderedDict as well as Python3.6+ equivalences
  9. Counter (multi-sets)
  10. ChainMap
  11. Serialization and also Deserialization
  12. JSON serialization/deserialization
  13. Intro to JSONSchema, Marshmallow, PyYaml as well as Serpy 3rd celebration libraries


This course is an extensive check out Python dictionaries.

Dictionaries are ubiquitous in Python. Courses are essentially thesaurus, modules are thesaurus, namespaces are thesaurus, collections are thesaurus and many more.

In this course we’ll take an in-depth consider:

Who this course is for:

  • Python developers who want a deeper understanding of Python dictionaries and related topics
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