This course is aimed at offering the fundamental concepts of core Python programming language to the all levels of learners . The objective of this course is to enable the learners to develop the applications using the concepts of Python . The course is divided into two parts: Part-1: Core Python Programming Basics – starts with strings; Python Data Structures-lists, sets, tuples and dictionaries; functions; object oriented programming concepts; exceptions, files; and modules . Part-2: Core . Python Programming Advanced Concepts – starts . with strings, functions; functions, exceptions, . files and modules; and . modules; . Create, run and manipulate Python Programs using . core data structures like Lists, . tuples .

What you’ll find out in Python Programs – For Every Single Beginners

  1. Understand the popularity of Python programs language important for every single novices in computer technology as well as software community.
  2. Understand Python Installment & & Getting Started working with Python.
  3. Show the fundamentals of python – using print and input features.
  4. Demonstrate the essentials of python – Comments, Indentation and Docstrings
  5. Demonstrate the fundamentals of python – Key words, Identifiers, Variables & & Built-in Functions
  6. Show the essentials of python – Data kinds as well as kinds of Operators
  7. Demonstrate the control statements/control structures/flow of control statements in python.


This program is aimed at supplying the basic principles of core Python shows language to the all degrees of students.

You will certainly find out through video clips, aesthetic coordinators as well as practice exercises. For a great hands-on knowing experience, this course is packed with assignments, evaluation examinations, code challenges, tests, as well as workouts.

This training course is split right into two parts:
Part-1: Core Python Programming Basics
Part-2: Core Python Programming Advanced Concepts

Part-1: Core Python Programming Fundamentals- begins with the basics of Python shows ideas like intro, history & & variations, functions, utilizes, applications of python, information kinds, operators and control circulation declarations.

Part-2: Core Python Programs Advanced Concepts – starts with strings; Python Information Structures-lists, collections, tuples and thesaurus; functions; item oriented shows principles; exemptions, data; as well as modules.

The purpose of this course is to make it possible for the learners to create the applications using the principles of Python.

Upon completion of the training course, the students will have the ability to accomplish the complying with outcomes:
Part-1: Core Python Programming Fundamentals:
1. Recognize the basic principles in Python shows.
2. Learn how to write, debug and implement Python program.

4. Develop basic Python programs for addressing problems.
5. Use the conditional execution of the program.

Part-2: Core Python Programming Advanced Concepts:
1. Develop, run and control Python Programs using core data structures like Checklists, tuples and Dictionaries.

Who this course is for:

  • Any graduates from BE, BTech, BSc, BCom, BPharmacy etc.
  • Any post graduates from ME, MTech, MBA, MAC, MCom, MPharmacy etc.
  • Minimum 6th standard to 60+ years any person can easily understand and learn python programming language.
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