the ins and outs of pytestBuild a real world django web server . in this course we will build a very simple application, and then focus on testing it . we will together test the application from all angels – Unit tests, integration tests,API tests, end to end tests,performance tests . the application will be able to build the application – and then build it in bitbucket . if you’re a beginner, you’ll need to learn .. dynnap p . and out .

What you’ll discover in Real life Python Test Automation with Pytest (Django app)

    Find out the ins and outs of PytestBuild a real life Django web serverBuild a continuous integration systemTesting Best PracticesBuild high-performing, reliable automated test suitesAllure ReportingSlack messagingUnit, Integration, E2E, performance testsMocking and Patching


  • Advanced expertise of python – This is NOT a novice program


This is a. MUST. course for any individual that cares about screening.

I educate the ins and outs of. pytest. while developing a real world. django. application (consisting of a. continual integration. system in bitbucket).

In this training course we will certainly construct a really easy django web server, I will certainly show just adequate django so that we will certainly be able to develop the application, and then. concentrate on screening it. .

We will certainly with each other check the application from all angels – Unit examinations, integration tests, API examinations, end to end tests, performance tests. with (an overall of over 40 tests).

You will certainly end up with a co. mplete CI system. that incorporates. bitbucket cloud pipes, slack messaging as well as allure coverage.
Every time we will make a push, the CI system will certainly run our tests and will certainly notify us if the develop passed/failed.

In this training course we go in deepness and we will certainly also execute with each other (from square one) a few of pytest’s features so that we will certainly recognize what occurring under the hood when pytest is running our tests.

This is not an entry-level training course, standard understanding of python is required.

You will certainly discover:.

Pytest features (comprehensive).

  • Components.

  • Pens.

  • Parametrize.

  • Avoid, xfail.

  • Pytest.ini.

  • Pytest-django.

  • Pytest-cov.

  • pytest-xdist.

  • unittest library, mocks.

  • Requests collection.

Django (simply enough to build a web server).

  • Relax API.

  • Models, Movements.

  • Sights.

  • Serializers.

  • SQLite3 DB.

  • Email backends.

Continual Integration. ( in depth).

  • Bitbucket pipelines.

  • Bitbucket atmosphere variables.

  • Identical steps.

  • Docker.

  • Slack messaging assimilation.

  • Attraction Reporting.

Examining. ( In depth).

  • System examinations.

  • Buffooning. Patching, Stubs.

  • Assimilation examinations.

  • Performance examinations.

  • Checking settings.

Python best method.

  • Digital settings: pipenv.

  • Pipfile.

  • Type hinting.

  • Black formatter.

  • . env File.

Who this course is for:

  • Developers who are interested in writing quality tests for their applications
  • Python Developers curious about Pytest
  • Anyone who wants to build or improve an automated testing framework
  • QA Engineers who wants to learn about pytest
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