Security Awareness Training, Internet Security for Employees . Discover the WHY behind security awareness . Discover how to build up your resilience to attacks and why this is more important than you currently think . Discover safe mobile device usage and how to stay safe even while traveling . Hear password best practices you can actually follow . Learn about ransomware, why it’s popular, and what you can do to prevent it . Learn the fast and easy process to spot a fake email . Hear passwords best practices that can’t be easily guessed . Be able to communicate securely and effectively . Learn how to browse the Internet safely and learn about typosquatting, malicious websites, and more .

What you’ll find out in Security Awareness Training, Internet Protection for Personnel

  1. Discover the WHY behind security awareness. This will help make points stick!
  2. Just how to build up your resilience to strikes as well as why this is more important than you presently assume.
  3. Find out about social design, what makes it function, and also just how to find the red flags prior to you get fooled.
  4. Discover the fast and very easy procedure to identify a phony email.
  5. Hear password best methods you can actually follow.
  6. How to develop safety and security questions that aren’t conveniently thought.
  7. Learn more about ransomware, why it’s popular, and what you can do to avoid it.
  8. Exactly how to browse the Net securely as well as find out about typosquatting, malicious websites, as well as extra.
  9. Discover safe smart phone usage as well as exactly how to remain secure even while taking a trip.
  10. Determine which data is controlled and just how to stay clear of unexpected disclosure (primarily data leaking).
  11. Why safeguarding your desk or computer system is important.
  12. Be able to connect firmly as well as effectively. And also exactly how to speak to your IT friends or colleagues.


Why Safety and security Understanding?
Data violations are on the increase and it’s obtaining an increasing number of harmful to function online. This is where a great safety understanding program is very important. Most significantly, we (the geeks) need YOU to assist maintain things protect.

You might listen to experts assert how everyone is obtaining endangered over simple assaults that have actually been around for years. It starts as something that’s very easy to prevent then releases right into a knowledge war. “It’s very easy to secure yourself,” some may claim. “All you require to do is take care what you download, who you speak with, and also what you enable to happen.” They emit the vibe that people don’t care.

Unfortunately, also the very best safety understanding programs out there are missing out on one vital part.
The WHY.

Making Safety Recognition Better
This safety and security understanding training course will certainly not only offer you the “what” to look out for, but additionally the “why” and just how the “what” functions. After taking this course you’ll be armed with expertise on how to much better safeguard yourself as well as your company from dangers.

And the best component is, I will not twist your arm or pity you into transforming. I seriously want you to be successful so there’s no target shaming below. I think there’s a much better method to alter your habits than vehemently shove security terms and nerd speak down your throat.

This Security Awareness Program IS:

This Safety Understanding Training Course is NOT:
Because this program is NOT technological, beginners varying form your co-worker that hardly recognizes how to turn a computer system on to your Grandmother that makes use of Facebook way too much can take as well as recognize this course. We’re simply checking out hazards, assault vectors, and also behaviors to help in reducing the sting of attacks.

Real Reviews From Impressive Trainees
The trainer was knowledgeable and also offered protection understanding a bit various than I’ve seen prior to … – Rob
… I found out fairly a lot of things I didn’t know. – Julie
Small training course. Understandable for everybody. – Rey

More fun than I expected! – Scot

Join Me Today!
Thank you for your interest in this safety awareness training program. It implies a great deal to me and also all the other protection experts out there that you appreciate your online security.
If you’re here due to the fact that your business needs protection understanding training and also you’re considering choosing this training course – awesome. Let me know if you have any questions. If you do not have a protection program in position, this course will help get you started.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn about security awareness and privacy online for personal development or to help protect their family.
  • Employees who use a computer and the Internet to do their jobs.
  • Those who want to learn more about protecting themselves against basic attacks such as phishing, social engineering, malicious websites, etc.
  • Anyone who’s looking for a basic security awareness course.
  • IT folks who need ideas on how to reach their users.
  • Anyone who wants a peek into the state of information security.
  • This course is NOT meant for people looking for advanced knowledge by way of technical guidance or operational security.
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