Smart Money Concepts – Key Level strategy on Volume theory . Understand story behind single candle using Volume : Marubozu , Pinbar , Doji . Use single candle with volume . Use multiple timeframe effectively . Apply Confluence strategy with Volume . Apply to trade effectively on all market : Forex / cryptocurrecy / Stock / Indies . Back test from 1 – 3 months before real trading . You can choose BTCUSDT- 1H to practice firsts. Use Smart money stratergy with Volume to help you understand market structure exactly . Use “Scale in” strategy to scale in’s market to Entry / TP / Stop loss / Trailing stop .

What you’ll learn in Smart Money Concepts – Key Level approach on Volume theory

  1. Understand tale behind solitary candle making use of Volume: Marubozu, Pinbar, Doji
  2. Use single candle with quantity
  3. The amount of kinds of candle light you only need to care.
  4. Review momentum of market with Volume
  5. Evaluate market structure precisely
  6. The large photo of market with quantity.
  7. Apply Numerous timeframe properly
  8. Simplify your trading system by 1 timeframe
  9. Apply Convergence approach with Volume
  10. Apply Smart money stratergy with Quantity
  11. Understanding market cycle
  12. Using “Scale in” method
  13. Understand big picture of market to Entry/ TP/ Stop loss/ Tracking quit
  14. How to combine SMC– Secret level to trade successfully
  15. Relate to trade effectively on all market: Foreign exchange/ cryptocurrecy/ Stock/ Indies


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Discovering support:
– Quick refer Instance–> > Concept–> > Learn Example carefully

– Process to be lucrative trader: Individual to set Plan–> > Method–> > Correct the mistake–> > Action–> > Do all process again.
Course’s support & & Unique requirement:1. Constantly hold your horses to discover

3. Instructor’s support in Q&A: You can refer existing Q&An as well as leave your new Inquiries anytime. I will certainly attempt to reply within 12hours.
* Back examination from 1 – 3 months prior to real trading. You can choose BTCUSDT- 1H to exercise firsts.

*** Knowing from examples to concept will certainly help you much easier to recognize.
What you can do hereafter program:
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Just 10 – 55% individuals that recognize to allow money development itself by investing or trading. In the creating nation, this number is just 1% population. Let’s picture what will take place if practically people realize that saving cash in bank or wallet are not the great way to be economic prosperity, as well as they wan na invest to Supply, Crypto to have far better chance to mature their own money. Especially, Apple stock, Google supply, … and Bitcoin, Ethereum are crazy enhancing value from 2019 to 2021. In the future, this energy will be double by variety of individuals that attractive by that crazy development. And also, That is BIG possibilities for us WHO prepared a very long time for spending as well as trading.Investing & & Trading also have the same the power each movement: customer and also vendor. Yet, the liquidity behind of each movement are totally various. In the trading, we normally trade in short term duration with small cash had scale up by utilize, so liquidity are continuous. However investing, we will certainly get and hold that properties for a long-term duration. To increase in a long period of time, they need very high liquidity, that is reason Quantity analyzation is very crucial and also they key to success in spending occupation.

Who this course is for:

  • People who have no experience in trading both Forex, Stock and Cryptocurrency
  • People who have invested for a long time but they still don’t have profit
  • People who want to invest seriously
  • People who want to change from officer to freedom trader
  • People who want to improve trading skills to be investing skill
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