The Complete Graphology & Handwriting Analysis Certification is the only course you need to learn . Handwriting analysis isn’t just for professionals in the mental health industry, psychologists, or HR, it’s for everyone who wishes they had the ability to peak into people’s minds and understand how they work . With the skill of handwriting analysis, you hold the power to know any person inside-out . Recognise a number of traits in people like, creativity, attention span, tendency to cheat, forgiveness level, sympathy, self-esteem, goals and many more . Be able to understand which person will be good at specific abilities, by analysing their processing and execution style . Know whom to trust, and whom to not .

What you’ll discover in The Full Graphology & & Handwriting Evaluation Qualification

  1. Total graphology & & handwriting evaluation, for all manuscripts. (Gestalt Method)
  2. Full a-z alphabet evaluation for Roman script (English, French, Spanish, German etc)
  3. Acknowledge a variety of qualities in individuals like, imagination, attention span, tendency to rip off, mercy level, sympathy, self-worth, goals and also a lot more.
  4. Be able to understand which individual will certainly be good at specific capabilities, by evaluating their processing as well as execution style
  5. Know whom to trust, and also whom to not.
  6. Recognize your family, good friends, partner, companion, employee, boss as well as others by evaluating their handwriting.
  7. Acknowledge depression and also self-destructive propensities in a person, on basis of handwriting.
  8. Understand on your own better, as well as assess exactly how you have actually altered as a person for many years.


“How do you understand that!? You only saw my handwriting!
A declaration I often listen to as well as you can too.
This is the only course you require to discover Graphology & & Handwriting Analysis, and also to startle people, by accurately analysing their handwriting.

Graphology is a projective method that can provide remarkable insights into the working of the human mind. With the ability of handwriting evaluation, you hold the power to know anyone inside-out.
Handwriting analysis isn’t simply for specialists in the psychological wellness sector, psycho therapists, or human resources, its for absolutely everybody that wants they had the ability to peak right into individuals’s minds and recognize how they function.

Who this course is for:

  • Psychologists, mental health professionals, or anyone in the helping industry
  • HR professionals and people in Recruitment industries
  • Coaches, Trainers, Counsellors or Therapists
  • People in Forensic department, to understand forgery and crime
  • School counsellors , Career counsellors, Relationship counsellors
  • People interested in understanding themselves better, and becoming more self-aware.
  • ANYONE interested in having a deep and accurate understanding of people and their behaviour
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