Understand Cults: The Basics: The definition of a cult, and the difference between good and bad cults . You will learn the strategies, patterns, and behaviors used by cultic groups to recruit new members . Cult psychology is a course by Dr. Steven Hassan, a former member of the Moon cult, mental health professional who has over 40 years of knowledge and direct experience . The traumatic and lasting effects of cult involvement are described in this course . The BITE model and authoritarian control model are discussed in the course . Dr. Hassan is an ex-member of the cult and a mental health expert who has more than 40 years experience .

What you’ll discover in Understand Cults: The Basics

  1. The interpretation of a cult, and also the distinction between excellent and negative cults
  2. Mind control, just how it works, how to identify it, just how to remain safe from it
  3. The covert aspects of impact (influence continuum)
  4. The large blunder people make when judging those in cults
  5. Cult recruiting strategies, both in person and also on-line
  6. Individual vulnerabilities to watch out for
  7. Various sorts of devastating cults
  8. Exactly how cult mind control is used in human trafficking
  9. The cult leader account
  10. Conspiracy theory cults as well as why they function
  11. The trouble with words “cult”
  12. How cults utilize hypnosis, unfreezing, transforming and also refreezing the brain
  13. Various designs of idea reform
  14. The BITE version and also authoritarian control
  15. Cult psychology
  16. The terrible and lasting results of cult participation


Are you curious about learning more about just how the mind functions and just how people can be set into a devastating tyrannical cult? Ever before had an experience with a cult or managing connection? Have a buddy or relative captured up in a black/white, all or nothing conspiracy theory cult, multi-level advertising team, religious team, political team, this is a program by Dr. Steven Hassan, a previous member of the Moon cult, psychological health expert that has more than 40 years of understanding and also straight experience. In this course you will certainly discover different cultic teams, indoctrination, thought reform, mind control, and unnecessary influence. You will find out the methods, patterns, as well as actions used by cultic groups to recruit new participants, and just how they adjust and regulate them.

Who this course is for:

  • Those interested in understanding cults
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