This course on Trading Options at Expiration takes a deep dive using Apple (AAPL) Options Weekly series . We follow an AAPL Short Straddle trade from Thursday morning until deep into the following week . The impact of time decay on Option prices in the final week before expiry is an exciting phenomenon . The Greeks are on steroids during the last week of an Option’s life . The lectures focus on the kinds of strategies that are ideal during the final two weeks before expiry . The course also shows a couple of very interesting, very high reward strategies with very little risk . The Short Straddles are explained in detail in this course .

What you’ll discover in Weekly Options and also study of Alternatives expiry characteristics

  1. Discover everything about Weekly Options
  2. What are the ands also and minuses of trading Weekly Options
  3. Just how does Time degeneration deal with regular Alternatives
  4. Simulate the impacts of time degeneration on the days prior to expiration
  5. What methods are good for Weekly Options
  6. How do all the Choice Greeks behave throughout the final days prior to an Options expiry


The effect of time decay on Choice rates in the final week before expiration is an amazing sensation. We know time degeneration is rapid, yet exactly how do the Greeks actually act during this time. This program on Trading Alternatives at Expiration takes a deep dive utilizing Apple (AAPL) Options Weekly collection. We comply with an AAPL Short Straddle trade from Thursday early morning until deep right into the adhering to week. The Short Straddle is clarified in detail in this course. The Greeks are on steroids throughout the final week of a Choice’s life.

Most significantly, the talks concentrate on the kinds of techniques that are suitable throughout the last 2 weeks before expiry. Although many strategies have a tendency to focus on one of the most leading Alternatives characteristic throughout this time around (Time Decay), the program also shows a number of extremely intriguing, extremely high reward strategies with very little risk.

Who this course is for:

  • Stock and Options traders
  • Why weekly Options may not be good for working professionals
  • Day traders of Options
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